Bitsjourney : AI that transforms images into 1980s video games

Do you ever feel nostalgia for image quality? Nowadays 4K images became quite common, and even the images are now drawn by AI instead of humans. However not a few of you may miss the days when you had to spark from an electrical outlet to display Pikachu on a screen with only 256 pixels.

In response to your desires (?), I have released "Bitsjourney", an engine that converts high quality images to look like 1980s games. This application make you a dot painter of the end of the century.


Install chrome extension


Manual is here



NES-ish images


Looks like a 1990's gal game.


AI-generated images are of course supported (original images are generated bythis waifu does not exist)


【Bitsjourney is open source!】

Source code is available from here.


You can run core algorithms of Bitsjourney from Python and nodejs.

WIP : The UI of the chrome extension should be more improved. However, it was too difficult for me. Your advice and contribution is demanding.


FAQ: Can we call this AI? Isn't it just an algorithm?

A: I think it was called AI around the end of the 20th century. I think that in about 50 years from now, the various things that are called AI today will not be called AI, but just neural nets.



  • © Kizuna AI, SCP Foundation., CC BY-SA 3.0

  • Joichi Ito - Original text: Taken by author Transferred from English Wikipedia